How we started LIL'LDN

A short little story about the most swaggy kids
clothing in the world

being inspired by London

Good things come in ‘LiL’ packages and that’s how our story began. As a fashion conscious new mum, I loved dressing up my little girl but really struggled to find clothes that reflected her big personality and my sense of urban style.

Influenced by the city it calls home, ‘LiL LDN’was born - a collection inspired by London’s unique sense of style and swag.
Our design philosophy is simple -  cool, current and cute. We combine quality with individuality to bring you a collection that’s truly unique with a strong emphasis on merging textures and colours to make your ‘LiL’ one stand out from the crowd.

The collection has been specifically designed to have an oversized fit, giving our clothes longevity as your child grows. We are proud to mention that our products are all designed and manufactured in the UK.